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Jefferson City Dryer Vent Cleaning

4 Bees Appliances is a family managed Jefferson City, TN appliance repair and Dryer Vent cleaning company! We have tons of happy local customers, A BBB rating, and over 15 years of experience.

Only $75.00 for a fast and professional dryer vent cleaning!
No gimmicks, no upsells, no filthy inexperienced workers.
4 Bees gets in, cleans your vents, and gets out - letting YOU return to your day!

Weekend and Evening Appointments available!
We work around your schedule and provide excellent service any time you need it. Give us a call and schedule your appointment today!

4 Bees Accepts Credit Cards or Cash! Whatever is quicker for you. $75 gets you skilled service scheduled around your needs!

Why Clean Your Dryer Vents in Jefferson City, TN?


Dryer fires are a top reason for home fires and are on the increase. The primary cause of these fires is the build up of lint causing the ignition.

However, fires are not the only problem a dryer vent can cause to your home; appliance failure and water damage are two of the other typical issues we see routinely that can be prevented with a frequent dryer vent cleaning routine.


Dryer vent cleaning can cut down drying times by allowing your dryer to work correctly. Most home owners see up to a $30 reduction on their energy expenses. When your vent is cleaned you'll benefit from faster drying times.

Reduced Maintenance Expense

Save the cost of having a repair call by ensuring the upkeep of dryer vent cleaning completed yearly. Clothes dryers will overheat when the vent is clogged or limited. This causes them to break down and results in pricey repair expenses.

A clean vent improves the airflow and allows the dryer to work more efficiently, call today to schedule you dryer vent cleaning.

Clogged Dryer Vent Symptoms

How do you know if your dryer vents are blocked? Well, to start with - if like most of our first time clients - if you can't remember the last time they were cleaned - then they are certainly clogged!
For the protection of your loved ones, house, and maintenance of your dryer - vents have to be cleaned every Six months.

More Clogged Dryer Vent Symptoms

  • Clothing taking more than a single cycle to dry.
  • The surface of the dryer is warm to the touch.
  • Your clothing is still damp and smell moldy.
  • Water is visible behind or around the dryer.
  • Can see lint and debris around the dryer venting


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